Stay at home

In these difficult times, we used our internal skills, capabilities and resources to produce a disinfectant solution and distributed it to all of our Gamsen employees before the St. Joseph weekend with a clear message for the weekend.

Stay at home !

As the situation is delicate for everyone we have presented our surplus production to various old peoples’ homes and hospitals in Valais and have been able to distribute today more than 650 liters of disinfectant solution for free.

With this small gesture, all Gamsen employees wanted to thank the people who care for our most vulnerable citizens and wish them all the courage they need for the days to come.

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The Société Suisse des Explosifs is one of the leading manufacturers of civil explosives. The extraordinary quality of the products produced has contributed to the good reputation of the SSE for many years.

In order to reach this high level and to guarantee perfect quality at all times, the SSE has developed appropriate technologies and production methods.

Two qualities of packaged explosives (TOVEX) complete the range of SSE products for international markets.

All explosive products exported by the SSE are CE certified.

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About us